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Rent a Mini Bus And Be The Life Of The Party

mini bus rentals

Searching Google for a Mini Bus Rental Baltimore?

Have you ever gone out with a group of friends to the pub, had a few drinks, and then realized you hadn’t assigned a designated driver? Would you hail a taxi, or would you simply drive home with your friends?

Well, an average of 28 people die because of drunk driving daily. In 2010, the most recent year for which data is available, there was about one car accident caused every 48 minutes because of drunk driving, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, there is a silver lining to these grim statistics: the number of drunk driving accidents, and the deaths and injuries caused by drunk driving, have been on the decline for three straight decades.

That’s because more Americans are making smarter decisions about their drinking. Drunk driving accidents can be avoided completely in the two minutes it takes to choose a designated driver or call a cab.

For special events, there’s another transportation option to consider — you can arrange limo rentals for the night. And if you have a large group, mini bus rentals (also known as party buses) can accommodate everyone in your party.
Have you ever seen a limo or party bus pass you by on the street? It was likely for a party just like yours.

Why Party Bus Rentals?

In 2014, the American and Canadian bus industry made more than 600 million passenger trips. Also, on average, a single motorcoach may provide 16,500 passenger trips in its service lifetime. This demonstrates just how useful a party bus rental is, and it actually isn’t as hard as you think to rent.

Most bus companies offer an easy way to book mini bus rentals on their websites. That way, everyone in your party can have a good time and you won’t have to resort to driving while under the influence.

While nearly 50% of limo services may be for business transportation, that shouldn’t dissuade you from checking your options out. A limo rental might be up your alley if you want to look cool and classy when arriving at your destination.

Put Away Those Keys, Get a Mini Bus | Mini Bus Rental Baltimore

Next time, when you’re planning that bachelor party, or just want a great night out with your friend group — think about mini bus rentals. It’s as fun as it is simple, and it gets rid of that logistical compromise known as the “the designated driver.”

Everyone hates being the designated driver, and it can be hard to figure out just who to give that role. So don’t give it to a friend, give it to your professional limo driver.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your nearest mini bus rentals today!