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Upgrade Your Luxury Entertainment Experience… Add Some MAGIC!


Close-Up-Parlor-Magician-Lowell-SheetsLuxury Event Magic.

Exclusive. Personal. Unforgettable.

Clever, amazing, and sometimes hilarious illusions performed Live in the intimate setting of your luxury transportation vehicle, or at the event destination, or both!

Elegant parlor magic on-the-go in your limousine or luxury motor coach, or in your private dining area, drawing room, yacht, theater room, or penthouse suite.

Our preferred magician is Lowell Sheets aka. The Magic Bartender and The Magic Emcee.

He’s unfiltered but never vulgar,
humorous but never crass,
elegant but never stuffy.

Intimate Amazing Entertainment. It’s about the experience.

This is a service you won’t find anywhere else. Unique and novelIf this is for a surprise or for a group of unsuspecting guests, they will thank you.


“People want something that they can’t find anywhere else, provided by someone who offers them an experience that is unique and novel. That is something quite valuable to someone who can afford anything.”

Every show is different because every audience is different.

artist at work, creating and crafting every time

A limo rental is just the ticket to giving you, your friends, and the groom- or bride-to-be an experience they will never forget.

Why Rent a Limo?

Limo rentals allow party-goers to keep the festivities going without having to wait for cab rides or stick to one area. Feel free to travel where you would like. Most companies will offer the opportunity to listen to your own music and bring drinks along, too, making it easier than ever to ensure the fun never stops.
Another big perk of limo services is that your chauffeur can drive you directly to the front of your next location. You will never need to worry about finding a parking spot or taking a long walk from a parking lot. This is safer, more convenient, and it guarantees no one’s clothing or hair gets sweaty or ruined.
You also do not need to worry about driving through slow traffic or dealing with annoying drivers. In fact, when you get luxury limo services, you do not need to concern yourself with what is going on in the streets at all. Just continue relaxing, laughing, and drinking with your friends, while your professional driver takes care of everything.
Plan on having a few cocktails on your night out? Then, a limo rental is a safer way to travel for everyone. The group can easily stay together, and no one will have to stress about designated drivers or walking every place you go to. All in all, it is important to have fun, but staying as safe as possible is always the number one priority.
Finally, you never need to worry about your privacy getting infringed on. You will have a sealed-off area with tinted windows, so you no stressing about your driver or anyone else outside listening in on your fun.

Book Now

Did you know that over half of limo service rental companies have less than five limousines in their fleet? If your party is coming up quicker than you expected, then you better book now to ensure you get exactly what you are hoping for. When you work with American Limousines, we do everything we can to set you up right.
If you are ready to give your friends the party they deserve, then the time to invest in a limo rental is now. Do not put it off any longer, and be sure to give us a call right away!