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3 of the Best Breweries to Visit in Baltimore

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From lagers to IPAs to pilsners, beer comes in so many different flavors and types that it’s hard to keep up with all of them. But what better way to try and do so than by visiting a bunch of different breweries?
If you live in the Baltimore area and are planning a brewery tour with all of your friends soon, here’s where you need to go.

Union Craft Brewing
Opened in 2012, the brewery offers visitors a taste of their Duckpin pale ale, their Anthem gold ale, and their Snow Pants oatmeal stout. The brewing company is in the process of changing locations from their old warehouse in Woodbury to an old Sears Roebuck Plant in Medfield. The new location can hold tripping their brewing capacity but will also have a space for music and local vendors. This should definitely be your limousine rentals first stop on your brewery tour.

Heavy Seas Beer

Next, have your limousine rental take you to Heavy Seas (formerly known as Clipper City Brewing Company). This pirate-themed brewery has been open since 1994 and is located in South Baltimore. They produce 34,000 barrels of beer each year in their space. Their free brewery tours are perfect for everyone in your party bus. At the end of your tour, you can get a pint glass and four beer samples for only $5.00. Give the brewery’s popular Loose Cannon IPA a shot during your visit.

Diamondback Brewing Company

Can’t ever get sick of the college-bar scene? Head to Diamondback Brewing Company which was inspired by dorm-room at-home brewing concoctions. Three friends started the brewery back in 2014 and gave it a permanent home in South Baltimore. Your limousine rental can take you to the old Philips Seafood and Coca-Cola plant for some local eats and their New England-style IPA called “Green Machine.”
Many people rent a limo or sedan cab service for a brewery tour as a safe way to get from one place to another. The first limos had a seating capacity of four people, but you can now find party buses that fit 20 plus people inside. After figuring out your ride for the brewery tour, it’s time to choose your stops. Heavy Seas Beer, Diamondback Brewing Company, and Union Craft Brewing are all must-visits for your trip with your friends.


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