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3 Reasons You’ll Be Thankful for Limo Services This November

why rent a limo
November is here, which means it’s time to start thinking about setting the table, cooking the turkey, and entertaining your nearest and dearest on Thanksgiving. While you’re probably eager to make plans about what you’ll serve and where your guests will stay, you might be inclined to forget to think about how you’ll all get around. It may seem obvious — take your own car or their rental vehicle! — but is that actually the best choice? At a time when the streets are congested and everyone is busy celebrating, accidents are more likely to happen. If you want to stay safe and sane during the Thanksgiving holiday, you might want to consider a limo rental instead. Why rent a limo during this time of year? Here are three good reasons.

  1. You’ll be free to party before the holiday: As you may be aware, the night before Thanksgiving is a popular time to head out to your local bar and celebrate with friends from both near and far. The last thing you want to worry about is making sure you have a designated driver who can avoid all of the potential hazards (as well as the increased police presence) on the road. When you opt for limo services, you’ll have peace of mind that everyone will get home safe and sound at the end of the night. Plus, with more than more than 130,000 limousines currently in service around the country, securing this transportation ahead of time will allow you to avoid price hikes and vehicle shortages from ride hailing companies.
  2. You can shop ’til your drop: The day after Thanksgiving is also notorious for a specific kind of chaos. We’re talking about Black Friday, of course. If you plan to head out to the shops and spend like there’s no tomorrow, you shouldn’t have to experience more anxiety than necessary. Even finding a place to park or avoiding a fender-bender can be a real challenge with so many people looking for the best deals. Why rent a limo? You’ll be able to avoid dealing with other motorists yourself and can easily go from one store to another without the headache. While your limo driver can’t control the crowds inside, they’ll at least be able to provide a smooth ride outside. And as a bonus, you’ll have plenty of room for all of your shopping scores in your spacious vehicle.
  3. You can secure airport transportation: When you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your home, you’ll have to coordinate travel schedules for all of your relatives. Although you couldn’t be more thrilled that your family members are coming together to celebrate, having to juggle all the cooking with airport and train pickups can be a real challenge. But if you rent a limo, you’ll be able to check that task off your list. No one wants to navigate the holiday traffic, especially in a new place. Save your relatives the stress of driving themselves and opt for limo services for transport, instead. It’s the perfect way to welcome your loved ones and make sure they arrive in plenty of time for the festivities — or to send them on their way in style and make certain they make their return flight.

Why rent a limo this Thanksgiving? In short, it’ll provide both you and your guests with valuable peace of mind (and a bit of extra excitement, too!). To find out more about renting a limo during the holiday season, please contact us today.


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