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Limo Coach ‘Party Bus’ (36 PASSENGERS)


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    Baltimore Limo Coach

    Passengers: 36 passengers

    If you’ve got a group of people going places, have you considered a Baltimore party bus limo coach? Rental cars and rideshares will get you there, but what about those special occasions when you have a group that wants to share the experience together? Whether it’s a wedding, bachelor/bachelorette party, prom, a corporate team-building event or welcoming large family parties at the airport, our party bus limo services can make it a trip to remember!

    Our 36 passenger ‘party bus’ limo coach offers a spacious, private ride, with black and gray noise-dampened leather interiors, fully functional bar with water, soda and glasses provided, touch-screen controlled climate, and dual Smart TV’s and sound system.  To reserve your next limousine ride, call American Limousines at 410-522-0400.


    • 36 passenger limo bus
    • With rear premium am/FM/DVD stereo
    • Multiple USB charging ports/tv HDMI inputs
    • Front and Rear 55″ Smart TV's
    • Full RGB limo lighting pks on the wall, ceiling, and floor
    • 4 speaker surround system with amplified sub
    • Led exterior lights

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