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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions We’re Asked

Can American Limousines handle last-minute requests?

Yes, we have a large fleet and pool of drivers to handle last-minute transportation needs in a timely matter.

Do your vehicles have seat belts?

Our Town Cars, SUVs, and limousines do have seat belts. Our buses, for the most part, do not. It is recommended if you have a need for seat belts, that you call to find out if the vehicle you are reserving has them.

Does American Limousines monitor flights?

Yes. When you make your reservation with us we will get your flight information from you so we can track your incoming flight. That way you won’t have to wait if your flight arrives early or if it is delayed.

How long has American Limousines been in business?

American Limousines was incorporated in 1990, making it one of the state’s oldest operating transportation companies.

Is American Limousines insured and do they carry at least the state minimum in insurance on each of their vehicles?

Yes, we are insured, but we carry more than the state minimum. In Maryland, the state minimum is $300,000 per vehicle, which we believe is nowhere near enough. American Limousines carries $5,000,000 in insurance on each vehicle we own.

Is American Limousines registered with all the appropriate authorities?

Yes, American Limousines is registered with the Public Service Commission, the Department of Transportation, and also has multiple military certifications.

What are American Limousines hours of operation?

American Limousines is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What is American Limousines PSC (Public Service Commission) number?


What is the largest number of passengers American Limousines can handle?

There is no group too large or small for American Limousines. We have provided transportation for movie premiers with more than 100 high-profile clients in attendance as well as convention groups with over 5,000 attendees.

Will American Limousines provide alcohol?

No, we do not. Although we do allow alcohol in the vehicles provided all passengers are 21 and over, we can not provide it. Feel free to bring your own alcohol.

Will American Limousines travel out of state?

Yes! We are able to go anywhere our client’s need us to go. In fact we frequently travel out of state for weddings, field trips, events and more!

Relax, you’re using American Limousines