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Happy Birthday, Sweet 16: How to Plan a Perfect Teen Party

renting a limoKids: they grow up so fast, don’t they? You might vividly remember bringing your daughter home from the hospital, and it seems like only yesterday that she was headed off to her very first day of school. But time has flown by and now she’s nearly 16 years old. In many circles, it’s traditional to celebrate this milestone birthday with a bang.

While there are some parents who are willing to spend thousands on their little girl’s sweet 16 party, most families have more realistic expectations. You’ll want to make this day extra special for her — without going into debt yourself. As long as you cover the basics and make sure her party celebrates everything about your daughter, you’ll be able to throw her a party she’ll never forget. Here are the must-haves for any truly sweet 16.

  • Pick an awesome venue: You don’t necessarily have to book the Plaza to make a great impression. The venue of your choosing can be a local hotel, a movie theater, a favorite restaurant, a local park, or even a nice community center. Wherever you decide to throw the party, make sure you book the venue well in advance. Aim for at least six to eight months ahead of time. That will ensure you won’t have to scramble or settle for your last choice.


  • Finalize the guest list: The reason you decide on a venue first is to ensure the entire guest list can fit inside. If there’s a strict seating capacity, you and your daughter may need to make some tough decisions about who to invite. And even if the venue can comfortably hold hundreds, you’ll probably want to encourage your kiddo to narrow down her choices. She might feel a lot of pressure to invite everyone in her class, but it’s usually best to keep the guest list limited to those who genuinely get along and who won’t cause any drama.


  • Decide on food and entertainment: Food choices (and quantity!) will prove important for teens. That said, you don’t have to go all-out like you would with a wedding. Food choices can be fairly simple and universally appealing. Lessen the potential mess by ensuring most items can be eaten standing up, without utensils. Hamburger sliders or food served on sticks can work well, as can chips and dip, pizza, veggies, fruit skewers, or other small appetizers. For a fun twist, you can serve mocktails or have a sundae bar. You’ll also want to make sure the guests are entertained. You might consider hiring a DJ or even a live band. Many parents will plan to have a sweet 16 at a bowling alley or at a skating rink to ensure the activities are built-in and that no one will be bored.


  • Reserve your party bus or limo services: No matter what, you’ll want your daughter to arrive at her sweet 16 party in style. There’s no better way to accomplish that than by renting a limo or securing a party bus rental. If you opt for a party bus, you may be able to offer all attendees a ride. But while limo drivers make approximately 105 trips every week, the seating capacity of these vehicles is typically less. Renting a limo or party bus can add a sense of occasion and excitement. Even if you’re only traveling 10 minutes away from home, being picked up in a limousine will definitely make your daughter and her closest friends feel truly special. As an added bonus, renting a limo can also provide peace of mind for parents.

Interested in renting a limo or a party bus for your teen’s birthday party? We’ll pull out all the stops to celebrate. For more information, contact us today!