The 8 Benefits of Renting a Party Bus

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When it comes to specialty limos, Jay Ohrberg’s has to take the cake. Built in 1997, it was 100 feet long, had 26 wheels and boasted a jacuzzi, swimming pool, and helipad. While this may be too elaborate a vehicle for your night out, it shows how much luxury can be placed into a car. When people are planning a special night on the town, many people turn to party bus rentals. Here are some of the benefits of going this route:

  1. This is a great way to make the right impression. Whether you go with mini bus rentals or go with full-sized party bus rentals, your friends and family will be impressed. It matters little if your party bus is to take people sightseeing or being used for a bachelor or bachelorette party, everyone will see the great style with which you roll.
  2. You can bring more people. Most party bus rentals can accommodate up to 40 people. It all depends on the exact vehicle you pick out. This means you can bring all of your friends and family to paint the town red or to go to a show or a ballgame. This also means you can get your party started before you even get to the venue.
  3. Everyone will get to your destination safe and sound. Party buses are driven by professional drivers. No one in your group has to worry about driving their own vehicle to or from the party. That means that no one runs the risk of driving when they should not be. You and your crew will get to the party and then home again safely.
  4. You can hit all of the hotspots. No matter what city you are taking on, the professional drivers who you get when you go with party bus rentals know the ins and outs of the area. If you are taking your friends and family to tour your town, you know that your driver will know how to get to all of the key spots you and your group is going to want to see.
  5. The value of a party bus rental cannot be beat. There is simply no way to match the value of a party bus. There is no other way to get you and all of your group where you want to go for the same price. If this is a situation where everyone is paying in, you may be surprised by what a bargain the party bus will be. This is a very affordable way to go.
  6. Party bus rentals give you a lot of flexibility. Your party bus will pick you up and drop you off where you want. There are a lot of ways you can get around but few will pick you up at your front door and deposit you back there when the night is over. If you are renting a party bus to take you to an event, the driver will be waiting for you when it is over. If you are using it to get around town and you will be hitting the hot spots, you get to pick how long you want to stay at each venue.
  7. They worry about logistics so you do not have to. Regardless of the reason you are renting a party bus, they take care of parking, the route, dealing with other drivers, gas for the vehicle, and all of the other hassles that come along with going anywhere. You can leave the worry of getting around or getting where you want to go to the party bus company.
  8. The amenities onboard will blow your mind. They have great sound systems, party lighting, and very comfortable seating. You can eat and drink what you want while you are on the bus. If you are going to a historic location, you can play a movie about it. Many have WiFi if that is something you want. If there are amenities you need, there is a very good chance that the party bus rental company will be able to accommodate you.

There is a reason so many people go with party bus rentals for big events. They are fun, convenient, classy, and affordable to rent.

Limo Vs. Taxi: Why You Should Opt to Ride in Style

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Whether you’re planning a vacation or are traveling on business, you might be wondering: which ground transportation options will be best for my needs? For many years, taxi cabs were seen as the most convenient form of transportation, especially in large cities. But now, there’s a lot more variety to choose from. And while taxis aren’t likely going anywhere, consumers are starting to consider some alternatives. In today’s post, we’ll talk about why you might want to consider renting a limo instead of hailing a taxi next time you’re in town.

When You Call a Cab…

  • You’ll deal with stress: Simply put, taking a taxi ride can be a bit anxiety inducing. Even just finding a cab can be a stressful endeavor. Once you’re actually in the car, you’ll be faced with the premise of the running meter and unpredictable traffic. Some cab drivers don’t even know how to navigate through their own city very well, which can leave you in charge of directions. The whole experience can set a stressful tone — and that’s the last thing you want when you’re heading to an important meeting or are trying to get some much-needed rest and relaxation.
  • Your driver’s main aim is speed: If you’ve ever sat through a horrendous taxi trip, white knuckled in the back seat, you’ll probably know all too well that the goal of most taxi drivers is getting to a destination as quickly as possible. While some might take a longer route to rack up your fare, most want to get from point A to point B with extraordinary speed so that they can increase the number of passengers they can pick up in a given day. Ultimately, this won’t make for an enjoyable trip and can even be a safety hazard, in some cases.
  • You won’t be very comfortable: Taxis aren’t really made for luxury. They’re charming in their own way, but no one calls a cab for the purpose of riding in style. They’re rather basic and don’t have much to offer in the comfort department. The seats may be repaired with duct tape or the seatbelts may have seen better days. If you’re trying to make a great first impression, a taxi cab isn’t necessarily the best way to do it.

But When You Rent a Limo…

  • You’ll be able to relax: Of all the ground transportation options available to you, limos are definitely one of the most comfortable. Not only that, but your driver will be seasoned, professional, and safe. Since limo drivers average around 105 trips every week and are held to high standards, you won’t ever have to worry about weaving through traffic or that your driver won’t know where they’re headed. You can sit back, relax, and just enjoy the ride.
  • You’ll know the cost up front: Although limo rides tend to be seen as more of a splurge than a taxi ride, that’s not always accurate. Unless your taxi ride comes with a flat fare (like airport transportation), you’ll never know what your ride will cost until you arrive. This can make it difficult to budget accurately and can be an issue if you don’t carry cash or feel uncomfortable using a credit card in a cab. When you rent a limo, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay for your trip and the cost won’t be impacted by unusual traffic.
  • You can experience high-class amenities: Why rent a limo if not for the exciting extras that often come along with the ride? When you call a cab, you might get to catch a song on the radio or a snippet of a talk show on the tiny television monitor in the back. It’s not what most people would call stellar entertainment. But with limo ground transportation options, you’ll have a beautiful car, working air conditioning, privacy, or even wireless internet. It’s certainly the more impressive of your two choices, by far.

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of these two ground transportation options, a limo rental has to be the clear winner. To find out more about renting a limo for your next event, please contact us today.

The 5 Bs: Etiquette Tips For Your First Charter Bus Trip

charter bus rentals

When evaluating potential ground transportation options for group travel, charter bus rentals can emerge as an excellent and affordable choice. Since a single motorcoach can provide approximately 16,500 trips, it’s a much-beloved way to see the sights. Whether you’re traveling only a short distance or several hours away, you’ll want to get the most out of your trip. After you’ve booked your reservation with one of the available bus companies in Baltimore, you’ll want to go over the following recommendations with your entire group. As long as you follow these etiquette tips, you’ll be sure to have a smooth and enjoyable ride.

The Five Bs: Your Charter Bus Etiquette Guide

  1. Be Punctual: An on-time arrival is a must when you’re traveling by charter bus. Since the bus cannot leave until all passengers are onboard, you’ll need to stress the importance of being prompt with every single member of the group. You may even want to tell notoriously late individuals that their arrival time is earlier than necessary, just to make sure your group is able to depart on time. Being punctual can get the trip started off on the right foot and will show your driver that you’re thankful for their hard work.
  2. Be Respectful: If you’re traveling with a group, you’ll no doubt enjoy each others’ company. It’s understandable that you’ll want to socialize and even entertain each other during the trip. But you should always be respectful of the personal space of others (including that of your driver) and follow all regulations that have been expressed to you. Always be polite to your driver and treat them with respect. In general, conduct yourself with decorum. Just because you’re on a vacation or an enjoyable trip doesn’t mean that manners have to go out the window.
  3. Be Quiet: It’s important to keep the volume to a reasonable level while onboard charter bus rentals. Not only will being noisy make the trip unbearable for some passengers, but it could also distract your driver. That doesn’t mean you have to stay silent during the trip, but it does mean you should use your “inside voice” at all times and lower the volume on your phone, laptop, or tablet so that it won’t disturb others around you.
  4. Be Considerate: Most passengers enjoy a snack or two when traveling on charter bus rentals. That’s part of the fun of a road trip, after all. But at the end of the journey, you should be sure to pick up your trash and throw it away. Keep all litter off the floor and promptly clean up any spills as best you can. You should also take care not to bother others who may be trying to sleep during the ride. In general, pick up after yourself and realize that you aren’t the only person on the bus. Everyone deserves to have an enjoyable trip — and your driver doesn’t deserve to deal with your garbage.
  5. Be Safe: Above all else, you should remain seated when the bus is in motion and keep all of your belongings (and your body) within your seating area at all times. That means you should keep movement to a minimum and stay out of the aisle. Adhere to all posted signs and always listen to your driver, as they have a responsibility to keep you out of harm’s way. Don’t view this as an opportunity to goof off or to do anything dangerous. You’re paying for the privilege of riding in style, but taking a safety risk could derail your entire trip.

Before embarking on any charter bus rentals, make sure to review these tips with every member of your group. It may seem unnecessary, but making sure that everyone is on the same page is an effective way to ensure an enjoyable trip. To learn more about why we’re one of the bus companies Baltimore MD residents trust, contact us today.

Keep Your Group Together With a Mini Bus or Limo

renting a mini coach

If you’re transporting a large number of people and need to all stay more or less together, renting a mini coach is a terrific idea. Whether it’s for corporate travel and events, a bachelor or bachelorette party, spring break, or a wedding, renting a mini coach or engaging limo services can be a great way to keep everyone together, ensure that everyone gets where they need to be on time, and reduces costs for everyone (parking fare, gas, or potentially having to rent individual vehicles, etc.). There are over 125,000 limousines currently on the move around the country and a wide variety of bus companies and coach companies who can offer vehicles for rent, so renting a limo or renting a mini coach should be fairly simple to do.

What’s the Advantage of Group Transit? 

Traveling with a group can be difficult, to say the least. Everyone operates on a slightly different timetable and we all have that one friend (or colleague) who is always late to everything, no matter how many times you ask that they be on time. Group transit can help ensure that everyone arrives to a location at the same time (and can add a little extra pressure for the dawdlers to get where they need to be or risk holding everyone else up).

It also means that organizers don’t have to worry about people getting lost if the group is in unfamiliar territory. The driver will bring them safely to the location. And people will arrive at the same time since there won’t be individuals managing traffic or wrong turns. It can provide a more cohesive approach to traveling as a group.

Furthermore, individuals can also save money (and stress) by not having to rent a car, pay (and find) parking, or pay for gas. Thanks to the coach or the limo, that will all be taken care of, and it’s one less expense to have to account for!

Why Rent a Limo? 

Limo services are a little touch of luxury that can really make a special event feel special. For a wedding or bachelor/bachelorette party, it can elevate the event in a unique way and make everyone feel a little extra pampered, which is exactly how they should feel for these events!

And, mind you, a limo is a great place to start drinking — you don’t have to worry about driving, and some limos come already equipped with a minibar. If you’re heading off to a party, you can start it right in the car.

If it’s for business, limo services escalate the transaction and can make guests feel like their needs are being attended to and that they’re valuable to the company. It’s a great way to impress new contacts or assure clients that you’re the real deal. You can offer them VIP treatment and get business done along the way.

Why Rent a Mini Coach? 

Renting a mini coach is an extremely practical way to travel as a smaller group — whether for a school trip, work trip, or field trip — and good for trips that are a little longer than a regular commute. Some coaches might have seats that recline somewhat, reading lights, and curtains to shut out any light.

If you’re taking a tour, many mini coaches have a PA system so you can get the tour right on the bus, and they’re the perfect size for a mid-size group that can’t fit in a car or sedan, but is too small for a full sized bus.

Most mini buses have a center aisle so that passengers can board conveniently, as well as TV monitors. (It is worth bearing in mind though, that most don’t have luggage storage capabilities, other than a back trunk, so passengers shouldn’t pack too heavy.)

Save yourself the stress and hassle of trying to move a group of people around when you rent a mini coach or a limo service for your event. Everyone will get there on time (or at least at the same time) and not have to worry about parking or finding their way there.