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Wedding Limo Service Baltimore

rent a limoPlanning a Wedding? Find a Limo Service in Maryland!

Why Rent a Limo?

Today, limo services and other party bus rentals are luxurious transportation. When limos were first designed, they looked like glorified Model T’s and only had a seating capacity of four people. Back then, limousines were for luxurious transportation of the upper class. Moving forward to today, the Sultan of Brunei has spent $14 million on a limousine plated in gold and currently, the fastest limousine on Earth is a Ferrari running at 170 mph and seating eight people. While those are two specific examples, limo services have become a realistic, popular, and affordable way of transporting several people in one vehicle.

The American and Canadian motorcoach industry made 604 million passenger trips in 2014. Roughly 130,000 limousines are currently servicing the country with drivers averaging 105 trips a week. Limousine services have grown offering various forms of limos to include van rentals, charter buses, mini buses, and small sedan cab services.

So why rent a limo for your wedding?
Celebrating the big day in Baltimore should be exciting and memorable. A luxury limo service can add extra finesse to the logistics of wedding planning. There’s usually always someone in the wedding party that has trouble making it from the wedding venue to the reception. With a limo service, the happy couple can ensure everyone makes it where they need to be on time. Renting a limo can be a special treat for the couple to spend some quiet moments together alone in the time between events or it can serve as a party bus to kick off the reception. If things get a little rowdy, renting a limo ensures safe ground transportation for friends and family.

Limo Service MD

If you choose to rent a limo for the wedding day, find a reputable limo service in Maryland. The limo service should be insured and upfront about costs and miscellaneous charges that could occur. To heighten the experience, find a limo service that has many different limousines to choose from. Many small companies have less than five vehicles available so find a service with options to select the perfect luxurious transportation to make the day memorable.