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Wedding Transportation Tips To Ensure a Smooth and Special Day

a big party bus fill ed with comfortable seats and shiny bright floor for dancing and having funWedding season is already upon us — and many couples may already be planning ahead for their wedding in one or two years’ time. There are countless elements that go into any wedding, including amazing food, music, flowers, and (of course) the white dress. But transportation will prove to play a key role for most weddings, too. To ensure your Big Day goes off without a hitch, you’ll need to prioritize your transportation. Below, you’ll find some helpful tips to keep in mind when reserving your wedding transportation party bus or limo services for your upcoming nuptials.

  • Book in Advance: The golden rule when you rent a limo or party bus for wedding transportation is to do it early on. You shouldn’t book before you’ve picked the date and booked your ceremony and reception venues, of course, and you should wait until you know the size of your wedding party. But be sure to book at least six months in advance — or perhaps longer if you’re getting married in the spring or summer. Remember that you’ll be competing with other couples and (potentially prom-bound teens) during this season. The earlier you book, the more choices you’ll have. If you wait too long, you could be stuck with a subpar company or a vehicle that really doesn’t fit your needs.
  • Think Outside the Box: Unless you really have your heart set on a particular vehicle (like a stretch limo or a classic car, for example), give yourself permission to get a little creative. You don’t have to rent a limo simply because it’s conventional. Party buses might be better suited to your needs, or you could choose an in-between option like a party van. If you aren’t exactly sure what you want, you’ll want to pick a company that offers a variety of vehicles in their fleet. That way, you can go see these cars and buses in-person and determine which is the best fit for your style and budget.
  • Provide Easy Access: Often, party buses and limos are reserved for the happy couple, their immediate family members, and others in the wedding party. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave the rest of your guests behind to fend for themselves. If you have a lot of out-of-towners attending your wedding or have a number of elderly or young people attending, you may want to provide some additional transportation from the main hotel to the ceremony and/or reception. While this may mean an additional cost for you, it could make all the difference for many of your guests who might not otherwise be able to come due to costs or lack of convenience.
  • Give Yourself Time: Your wedding day will already be stressful enough; don’t add on more stress by failing to give your party enough time to get where you need to go. Make sure to factor in extra time for delays caused by traffic or interruptions while getting ready. Depending on where your wedding is taking place, you may need to add on 30 minutes each way (or more, if your area is particularly prone to heavy traffic at specific times of day). You may want to do a “test drive” on your own to be certain you’ve given yourself enough breathing room.
  • Ask About Specifics: Don’t make assumptions about what your car or bus company will provide or what they will allow. If you need to make special requests (like decorations, music, champagne, or driver dress codes), make sure to do so before you sign your contract. Many companies will be more than happy to accommodate you — but they can’t read your mind or make every outlandish request come true. You can’t expect to secure a 24-karat gold-plated limo like the Sultan of Brunei’s vehicle, but you can probably discuss having a special playlist or a toast on-board.

Your special day should go as smoothly as possible — but you’ll need to prepare ahead of time. As long as you follow these tips for your wedding transportation, you should be in great shape once you’re ready to say “I do.”