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Mind Your Manners: Limo and Sedan Service Etiquette Tips To Know

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Renting a limo or sedan service for a special event or taking a sedan cab service for a corporate occasion can help to alleviate stress while allowing you to travel in style. But even though there are hundreds of thousands of these vehicles currently in service all across the nation, that doesn’t mean everyone knows how to act when they’re riding in one. A little bit of politeness can actually go a long way. By following these limo and sedan service etiquette tips, both passengers and drivers will have a much smoother trip.


The drivers who work for limo services and sedan cab services average approximately 105 trips every week. That’s a lot of different routes to keep track of and a lot of passengers to keep happy. You’ll need to do your part to ensure your driver isn’t thrown off course by changing party sizes or stops along the way. When you make your reservations, you should provide this detailed information. If any adjustments need to be made to the number of passengers or the itinerary after booking, be sure to let your sedan cab service or limo company know well in advance. This will ensure your trip goes off without a hitch and that no one will have to scramble at the last minute.


It might seem laughably simple, but you might not actually know how to enter or exit your car. Your driver will open the door for you when you enter and exit. When you get in, sit in the first empty seat you see and swing your legs in smoothly. After sitting, you can scoot over in the row to make room for others. Upon arrival to your destination, remain seated until your driver opens the door. The last person to get in the car should always be the first one to get out of the car. Your chauffeur will be happy to help you out of the car, if needed. This will alleviate confusion and congestion, allowing you to get on your way more quickly and without mishap.


When you’ve reserved sedan or limo services for corporate purposes, follow this advice. Certain seats should be reserved for specific people. If there’s a VIP who is either the focus of the outing or paid for the majority of the reservation, they should be seated in the “power seat.” This seat is located in the back right of the car. There’s also a seat that faces backward and is therefore considered to be the least comfortable. It’s called the “jump seat,” and that’s typically where a junior executive or other lower-ranked individual should sit. These assignments aren’t always followed, but you should still know them.


The number one rule for riding with a Baltimore sedan service? Be polite and respectful at all times. Whether your car is being used for a celebration or a professional function, you must always take pains to act like a responsible adult and make the ride easy for the driver. That means no screaming, no drug use, no fighting, and no other illegal acts. You should also keep your drinking under control and refrain from cursing or engaging in anything that could be seen as offensive. You should leave absolutely no debris behind, either. Although your evening  should be fun, remember that taking a sedan service does not excuse you from acting like a respectable human being.


If you’ve been wondering whether you should tip your sedan cab service driver, the answer is usually yes. In some cases, gratuity may already be included in your bill (in which case, you can choose whether you want to offer an additional tip or not). But most of the time, you should tip your driver. There’s no one “right” amount to tip, but most experts agree that 15-20% is standard. However, you’re free to go above that amount for truly excellent service.
While following the rules might not be your idea of a good time, these etiquette tips will undoubtedly improve your experience. To reserve your next ride with a limo and sedan service, contact us today.