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Destination Travel Tips For The Bachelorette On A Budget

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A bachelorette party means one thing for the bride-to-be: adventure. And there’s no better way to enjoy your last night as a single woman than by traveling somewhere new.

But when traveling becomes a chore, your whole trip is at stake. Sour moods, frustrated guests, and anxiety can all put the quality of your trip in jeopardy. Avoid these pitfalls by following these essential tips for your bachelorette weekend away.

Keep the guest list small

Unless you’re comfortable traveling in a large group, it’s easier to commute in smaller numbers. Forming a guest list for the party is hard work but a small party also ensures you’re able to give each guest the time and attention they deserve. After all, everyone wants to be there for the bride-to-be. If your party is too large, some guests may feel left out. Solve this by only inviting your closest family or friends. Though a party bus is a great option for local affairs, renting a limo should be more than enough for small parties.

If you must have a larger bachelorette party, consider inviting people who get along with each other. At the very least, you should ensure your guests know each other prior to the party. That way, everyone will feel comfortable and ready to party.

Pack light

It might be tempting to bring all the bachelorette decorations you can, but packing light is the best move for the bride on a budget. Between checked bags, lost luggage, and stolen items, any number of things could go wrong. When you pack your bags, keep the important items in your carry-on and only pack the necessities in your suitcase. This will also ensure all the bags of your party will fit in the luxury limo service.

Plan a mix of activities

While going to the bars each night is a given, there are plenty of free activities to engage in during your bachelorette weekend. Lounging poolside is virtually free while exploring local parks costs next to nothing. Besides, planning a realistic budget will allow you to save for your upcoming honeymoon.

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