Limousine Rental FAQs

Low angle view of black limousine in city at nightIf you want to rent a limo for prom, a wedding, a bachelorette party, an anniversary, or any other special occasion, it’s understandable you’d have some questions and concerns about the process. Every company operates a little bit differently, so it’s important to ask about what’s most important to you before you sign on the dotted line. To alleviate your worries, we want to provide as much information as possible up-front. That’s why we’ve put together this handy FAQ post for you. Be sure to see the separate FAQ section of our website for even more information.

How early should I reserve my limo?

This is one of the top questions we get. The answer is pretty simple: as soon as you can. That way, you’ll have the best choice of vehicles available. If you know you’ll need limo services during a particularly busy time of year (like the spring and summer seasons), you’ll want to really prioritize booking early. Of course, it’s important to have all the information you need prior to booking so that you aren’t forced to make any big changes (and risk not being able to be accommodated).

What information is necessary for a limousine rental reservation?

Generally speaking, limo companies need to know the date of the event, specific times and number of hours you’ll be booking, the number of passengers in your party (and their names, in some cases), pickup and drop-off locations, special requests, contact information, and a form of payment. However, the limo company you choose will let you know exactly what they need for your individual reservation.

How do I know which vehicle to rent?

This can be tough, particularly when the company you choose has several vehicles to choose from. Although 60% of limousine rental companies have fewer than five vehicles in their fleet, our company has far more than that. The best vehicle for your situation really depends on the size of your party and your budget. We’d be happy to assist you in making your choice and introducing you to our fleet in person.

Is alcohol consumption allowed?

Assuming all limo passengers are 21 or over, we will allow alcohol within the vehicle for your enjoyment. We do not, however, provide alcohol for our clients. You are free to provide your own. Please contact us for further information on this matter.

Can I smoke inside my limousine rental?

For the health and comfort of every rider, most limo companies will not allow smoking inside their vehicles. Because cigarette smoke lingers and can compromise the experience for guests, refrain from smoking inside your limo rental.

Should I tip my limo driver?

Though it is not required nor expected, tipping is a much-appreciated gesture for stellar service. How much to tip is entirely up to you (unless your limo company has a built-in gratuity policy). A 20% tip is considered to be standard for an excellent experience, though you can choose to tip more or less depending on your preferences.

Here at American Limousines, we strive to make every occasion a truly special one. For more information about booking a limousine rental for an upcoming event or to ask any questions that were not answered here, please get in touch with us today.

3 of the Best Breweries to Visit in Baltimore

Low angle view of black limousine in city at night

From lagers to IPAs to pilsners, beer comes in so many different flavors and types that it’s hard to keep up with all of them. But what better way to try and do so than by visiting a bunch of different breweries?

If you live in the Baltimore area and are planning a brewery tour with all of your friends soon, here’s where you need to go.

Union Craft Brewing
Opened in 2012, the brewery offers visitors a taste of their Duckpin pale ale, their Anthem gold ale, and their Snow Pants oatmeal stout. The brewing company is in the process of changing locations from their old warehouse in Woodbury to an old Sears Roebuck Plant in Medfield. The new location can hold tripping their brewing capacity but will also have a space for music and local vendors. This should definitely be your limousine rentals first stop on your brewery tour.

Heavy Seas Beer

Next, have your limousine rental take you to Heavy Seas (formerly known as Clipper City Brewing Company). This pirate-themed brewery has been open since 1994 and is located in South Baltimore. They produce 34,000 barrels of beer each year in their space. Their free brewery tours are perfect for everyone in your party bus. At the end of your tour, you can get a pint glass and four beer samples for only $5.00. Give the brewery’s popular Loose Cannon IPA a shot during your visit.

Diamondback Brewing Company

Can’t ever get sick of the college-bar scene? Head to Diamondback Brewing Company which was inspired by dorm-room at-home brewing concoctions. Three friends started the brewery back in 2014 and gave it a permanent home in South Baltimore. Your limousine rental can take you to the old Philips Seafood and Coca-Cola plant for some local eats and their New England-style IPA called “Green Machine.”

Many people rent a limo or sedan cab service for a brewery tour as a safe way to get from one place to another. The first limos had a seating capacity of four people, but you can now find party buses that fit 20 plus people inside. After figuring out your ride for the brewery tour, it’s time to choose your stops. Heavy Seas Beer, Diamondback Brewing Company, and Union Craft Brewing are all must-visits for your trip with your friends.

Limo Van Rental Checklist: What to Do Before You Book

Businessman using cellphone in limousine, female chauffeur driving.

Approximately 50% of all weekly limo services are used for businesses and corporate customers, but many passengers are looking for a way to travel in style to a special event. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, commemorating your last night of single freedom, or sending off your teen to prom, limo van rentals can provide the perfect solution. But no matter your reasons to rent a van, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve made a good decision on the type of vehicle and the company you choose to work with. To that end, here are a few “musts” before you book.

  • Plan Ahead: Waiting until the last minute to book will only result in disappointment. By doing all the legwork ahead of time, this will allow you to make an informed decision about the type of vehicle you actually need and ensure that the company of your choice will be able to provide it. You’ll need to get a clear headcount of attendees since occupancy is a key part of choosing a particular vehicle within a fleet. Our limo van rentals, for instance, can seat up to 14 people in lavish comfort. But because many limo services have fewer “in-between” vehicles (i.e., not quite a limo and not quite a party bus), you’ll need to make your reservation fairly far in advance. The last thing you’ll want is to overpay for too much space or find your party has to rent two vehicles to accommodate everyone.
  • Research Local Companies: Now that you know which limo van rentals would suit your purposes, you’ll need to decide on your transportation company. While there will likely be a number of limousine rental companies in your area, you should focus on those with a large, up-to-date fleet of vehicles and a good reputation. Be sure to peruse their websites and social media pages to get a good feel for what they can provide. Then, conduct an internet search for customer reviews, BBB certifications, and other relevant info. After you narrow down the list, contact your top companies directly for a quote and schedule a visit to their facilities (more on that later).
  • Inspect the Vehicle: Don’t book blindly over the internet or the phone. This could leave you vulnerable to being scammed; some companies will seize the opportunity to literally and figuratively take you for a ride. With limo rentals, van rentals, party bus rentals, and any other type of transportation booking, you should inspect the vehicles in person prior to signing any agreement. That way, you can assess whether the vehicles are new and well-maintained. Skip this step and you could be stuck with an unsafe vehicle in poor condition — or worse yet, no vehicle at all!
Regardless of the type of vehicle you need for your event, American Limousines has you covered. To find out more about our fleet of vehicles and how we can help make your occasion go more smoothly, please contact us today.

The Dos and Don’ts of Party Bus Rentals

Planning a party involves a lot of coordination, especially when it comes to your transportation. You may find that instead of forcing guests to drive their own vehicle or carpool to your destination, a party bus rental will streamline everything and make for an even more festive time. But before you call up the first company you find and reserve a vehicle, you might want to heed the following dos and don’ts. They’ll make sure everything goes smoothly and that you’ll make a great decision.

When renting party buses, DO…

  • Ask questions: A flashy website or a well-known name might help you whittle down the list of potential companies to choose from, but these won’t tell you everything you need to know. Remember to about how long they’ve been in business, the certifications of drivers, and their insurance and safety records. You should also find out more information about the condition and age of their vehicles. While 60% of limousine companies have fewer than five cars in their fleet, these vehicles might not always be up-to-date. If the company cannot provide you with satisfactory information on these topics, you might want to move on down the list.
  • Visit them in person: There’s only so much you can glean from a website or online reviews. Seeing the vehicles, as well as the company’s physical offices, in real life can answer a lot of questions for you immediately. You’ll be able to assess whether the party buses are top-of-the-line or in need of major repairs, as well as whether the vehicles can accommodate the number of people in your party. And if everything looks good to go, you’ll be able to feel confident in your choice.
  • Get a written contract: To ensure both you and the limo company are protected and understand the terms of your agreement, it’s best to get everything in writing. This should include the price of the party bus rental (including the deposit), tipping policy, cleaning fees, what else is provided, and what’s not allowed during the ride. This literally spells everything out so that there’s no confusion about costs or permitted behaviors. You can then pass this information on to others in your party to ensure everyone will adhere to the rules.

 When booking a party bus rental, DON’T…

  • Wait too long to book: When booking a party bus, you need to do so in advance. Waiting until the last minute will put a lot of stress on you, leave you with less time to make payments, and limits the variety of buses and packages that might be available to you. This is especially important to remember if your event takes place during busy times of year (e.g., prom or wedding season). Make sure to do your research early and put your plans in place as soon as possible to make it less likely you’ll be left in the lurch.
  • Change routes after reserving: Generally, you should set the itinerary when you book (or very soon after). Making changes to the route could impact the price or could make things more stressful for your driver. You’ll likely need to get approval from the actual office in advance. Don’t assume that your driver can make changes on the spot to your route. What may seem like a small adjustment to you could be a big deal for the company and how the driver’s hours are accounted for. If you do need to make any changes, make certain they’re requested well ahead of time.
  • Add last-minute guests: Because party buses are large vehicles, you might not think it’s a big deal to add one or two extra people the day of the event. But it’s possible that your decision could be in violation of the company’s policies, particularly if that number would exceed the vehicle’s maximum occupancy. Make it a point not to add anyone last-minute and get approval from the company if you do need to add a couple of guests.

Need a source for limo service or party bus rental Baltimore residents trust? Look no further than American Limo. To find out more information, please contact us today.