4 Ways to Make Your Limo Ride Even Cooler

rent a limoLimos are fun, but with a little effort and imagination, you can make them even more fun. Here are four easy ideas to make your stylish ride unique to your occasion.


  1. Get Colorful
    You might think all limousines look the same: black, shiny, low-riding things that are essentially hearses for the very tall. Nope! You can actually rent a limo in a variety of colors and styles. In fact, the most expensive limousine in the world is gold plated, and cost $14 million. While gold might be out of your price range, relatively affordable limos can be found in white for weddings, hot pink for bachelorette parties, and many other colors.
  2. Deck It Out
    If you want to roll away from your wedding in even more style, consider decorating your limo or party bus. Some limo services permit renters to paint and decorate the inside and the outside of their vehicles within reason. After checking in with your limo service, hit the store. You can find all kinds of window-safe paint and stickers. Get creative! Balloons, streamers, ribbons and even flowers can all be safely attached to a limo with permission. Just don’t obstruct the driver’s vision!If decorating the outside is a no-go, you might still be able to add personal touches inside. Place gift bags on the seats for your guests, or buy colorful pillows and balloons for a surprise inside. Even electric lights can make your limo ride more amazing.
  3. Make a Playlist
    A limo can be a party on wheels, but what’s a party without music? Create a playlist on your phone or other device, and bring along a USB cable for your limo adventure. Make sure you pick enough songs for the entire length of the ride. Upbeat music works great for parties, but you can choose slower, quieter songs if you want to chat with your fellow riders. A sing-along playlist can also be an awesome party idea for a night out with your most musical (or drunk) friends. Before you rent a limo, be sure to ask about the music situation– you might need to burn a CD or buy other radio attachments if you want to listen to your own tunes.
  4. Get Boozy
    Some limousine rental services allow guests to bring adult beverages along on the ride. As long as your party is all over the age of 21, check in with your limo service about alcohol rules and expectations. If they have a BYOB policy, plan your beverages! Pick a special mixed drink to make for the occasion, or bring along champagne and ice. Mixing a drink your friends rarely get to enjoy will make you all feel fancy, and it will help make the ride more special.

Next time you rent a limo for prom, a wedding, or a night on the town, plan ahead and get creative to make your occasion unforgettable.

Don’t Be THAT Person: 3 Times You Might Forget to Tip

rent a limo

Today, our economy thrives on the dedication of the service industry. Nearly every day we interact with hardworking service professionals. Here’s our reminder of some industries that tippers often overlook, so that next time you rent a limo service, book a room, or get Fido a trim, you’ll know the proper etiquette.

  1. Tattoo Artists

    Tattoo artists are artists. Not only are they doing needlework that requires their undivided attention, but they likely designed your tattoo themselves. Many artists accommodate every tiny adjustment you request to make your personalized, permanent body art just right. Recognize their talent, and appreciate their extra thought and care with a tip. Leaving a positive review or posting about your new ink is also a great way to show your thanks and help give the artist a little free advertising.

  2. Pet Groomers

    Many people tip their personal hairdressers but forget to tip the person who cares for their pup’s hairdo. Groomers have to deal with your dog’s tangles and dirt, and often have to use extreme patience when coaxing animals to remain still. Show your appreciation for their good care of your furry friend, and tip them. Usually, about 15 or 20%, like in a restaurant, is the appropriate amount. For particularly messy or unruly pooches, give a little extra.

  3. Drivers

    We tip taxi drivers but forget that other transportation workers deserve tips, too. Whether you rent a limo service, a party bus, or opt for a van rental, workers go out of their way to ensure you make it to your event on time, in style, and without complication. Often, they work with extreme time pressures– even limousine rental drivers make about 105 trips each week. Drivers of all kinds take pride in their work, especially because a large part of their duty is transporting you safely. Be sure to tip between 10% and 20%. If they helped you with bags, navigated heavy traffic, or listened to your drunken antics, don’t be a jerk. Instead, tip your chauffeur more than usual.

So whether it’s your wedding day, a night out on the town, or a special occasion, make sure you’re showing your appreciation to the service workers who helped make your special event a success.